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Not another end of year retrospective

I’m  required by section 12, article 14.9 of the International Mandate for Associated Bloggers: Orders, Requirements, and Edicts (I.M.A.B.O.R.E) to write an end of year retrospective, but it’s not going … Continue reading Not another end of year retrospective

Les Miz, Part Duex

It’s s little known fact,  but Victor Hugo had actually written a sequel to Les Miserables. The story displays writing  techniques and style unknown for the time, so for the sake of … Continue reading Les Miz, Part Duex

The Obligatory end-of-year Retrospective

I thought I had 2012 all figured out.  After all, The Mayans warned us, and Roland Emmerich was kind enough to provide a road map on how to survive with … Continue reading The Obligatory end-of-year Retrospective