What Else is Going On?

So….interesting story, I’m not exactly ignoring you.  It’s just that I have all these excuses, that I’ve already used here and here and here…so they don’t really bear repeating.  Let’s … Continue reading What Else is Going On?

KnippKnopp interviews….Jenn Brozek

This is all Jenn Brozek’s fault.  This whole “become-a-writer-in-my-40s-extended-mid-life-crisis” thing can be laid directly at her feet, all because she was kind enough to talk to me about the joys … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Jenn Brozek

The Obligatory end-of-year Retrospective

I thought I had 2012 all figured out.  After all, The Mayans warned us, and Roland Emmerich was kind enough to provide a road map on how to survive with … Continue reading The Obligatory end-of-year Retrospective