From the Journals of Elmo Von Knippenberger part 3

November 1, 2012

More and more islanders joined the fray, the debate continued and, if possible, grew even more shrill.  The champions exchanged massive blows and the crowd cheered and cried.  Many began to turn away, sickened by the display.  A young woman, the name “veritas” draped from her shoulders, crawled from her home at the bottom of the village well and began to berate both camps.  The Cratus champion responded by twisting her arm, making her cry out.  Not to be outdone, the Ican champion skewered the girl, completely obliterating her while his many mouths shouted untruths.

The chariot that the Romnus insisted was being built overseas

The battle continued, ranging over the island.  The champions resorted to using mud as a weapon, flinging it with impunity, uncaring who was struck.  The individual camps responded, growing dirtier as the days continued.

On the fifth day, storm clouds that had been building on the horizon through most of this battle suddenly burst forth.  Wind and waves howled and waters roiling far inland.  The battle stopped as partisans and undecided sought shelter.  When it finally ended, the two sides emerged to an island profoundly changed. And then the miracle.  Instead of commencing the battle, they turned to the task at hand.  Ican and Cratus, side by side, clearing trees and helping those hurt by the storm.  Brack worked with an Ican cheiftan whose village was nearly washed to sea, while the Romnus gathered food for those who could not provide for themselves.

Ican and Cratus, working together

We will be leaving this island, both profoundly disturbed at the  level of anger the two sides displayed, and profoundly enlightened by discovering what these people could do when they worked together.  If only this could be a lesson they will remember when the battle begins again.

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