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KnippKnopp’s Favorite Vacation Horror Movies   Leave a comment

It’s vacation time!  Time for me to put work worries behind, for lazy days staring at the surf, and for daydreaming about the day I can actually own one of these beautiful, overpriced monstrosities that sit upon the glorified sandbars just off the Jersey Coast.

...something like this would do...

…something like this would do…

It also has me thinking about all the wonderful horror movies that use vacation time as a backdrop or a plot element. I thought I’d share some of my favorites, after the break. (Warning, spoilers ahead!)

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Not another end of year retrospective   1 comment

I’m  required by section 12, article 14.9 of the International Mandate for Associated Bloggers: Orders, Requirements, and Edicts (I.M.A.B.O.R.E) to write an end of year retrospective, but it’s not going to happen.  This is a new KnippKnopp.  I’m a rebel, a malcontent, a safe boy no more.  So let them send their enforcers.  I’m not going to do it.

…get clacking those keys, writer boy...

…get clacking those keys, writer boy…

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KnippKnopp interviews….Plexus Publishing   5 comments

Easily, one of the greatest joys of being on the board of the Philadelphia Writers Conference is that I get to meet all sorts of cool and interesting people.

writers are such interesting people, who lead such interesting lives...

writers are such interesting people, who lead such interesting lives…

One of those people is John Bryans, Editor and Chief of Plexus Publishing.  Plexus is a small press, located in Medford, NJ who publishes a variety of works, most notably a little historical piece about a prohibition era Atlantic City political boss named “Nucky” Johnson.  You may have heard of it, HBO bought the rights and based some sort of show  that won some kind of awards …

...which found a way to make this man both charismatic and scary

…and somehow found a way to make this man both charismatic and scary

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