From the Journal of Elmo Von Knippenberg – part 2

October 29

The two sides have created champions, golem like entities built out of the parts of the most valued items from of each camp.  The more homogenized Icans have built a champion that looks much like the rest of the group and appears to be comprised mostly of bleached flour, compressed air, and shells the locals use as currency.  The Ican champion, given the honorific of “Romnus”,  is equipped with two mouths, which are capable of continuously spouting completely contradictory proclamations. A large weathervane sprouts from its forehead , which causes it to veer right or left, depending on the vagaries of the wind.

Artist depiction – Romnus. Additional mouths appeared as the battle progressed

A thick leather leash, attached to Romnus’ neck, leads back through the Icans to the true power of the camp: the Khokus, a frightening beast with two heads, a nearly unlimited amount of shells, and the unlikely names of “Chuck” and “Dave”.   Earlier in the engagement, the Khokus had kept its pet firmly to the right of the camp, but of late they have allowed it to wander with the promise of pulling it in line once it has obtained victory.

The Khokus settling down for a quick snack

The Cratus have sent out their previous champion, known as “Brack.”  The Cratus champion, much more reflective of their varied interests, contains a patchwork appearance that many on the Ican side seem to find particularly offensive.  The mere sight of him sends the Icans howling.  Many of the Cratus speak glowingly of how their champion has appeared in the past, but Brack certainly has seen better days. Seams and dings – some self inflicted, some due to circumstance, most due to the slings and bullets delivered by the Icans – have appeared and much of his luster has dimmed.

artist depiction of patchwork Brack

Despite this, Brack seemed at first to be  held in slightly higher esteem amongst the Uncommitted.  This changed after the first competition between the two champions.  Early on in that initial battle, the Romnus’ ability to speak simultaneous and contradictory things appeared to confuse Brack.  The Cratus champion, for his part, seemed strangely reluctant to engage his Ican counterpart, and at one point appeared to drift off to sleep, allowing the Romnus to land many unreturned blows.  The Uncommitted, listening only to the mouth that faced them, appeared impressed, and the Romnus began to gain favor.

artist depiction of an Uncommitted with commonly used tools and diet

In the two subsequent battles, Brack appeared to connect on a number of punches, but the impact seemed only to slow the opinion of the Uncommitted.  Amazingly, the Romnus sprouted dozens of additional mouths, each one promising different things to each individual member of the Uncommitted.  Even more amazingly, the uncommitted continued to hear only what their particular mouth wanted them to hear.

It will be intriguing to see whether this talent of the Romnus will win the day.

Next: Storms abrewing

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