This one time, at band camp…

Had a great dinner with some old high school friend and it got me thinking about my safe boy days!


I’ve always been afraid of breaking the rules.   I will continuously go out of my way to make sure I’m abiding by whatever dictates happen to be in place, no matter how stupid or unenforceable.  Because of this,  I went to class on senior cut day, didn’t throw my hat at graduation, and never, ever went out without a hall pass.  Trust me. I made Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” look like James Dean.  The best description came from a former female classmate, who described me as “the safe boy.”  I was that first kid that you could bring home to your parents, and that you dumped when it was time to find more exciting fare.

Mind you, this is not something I’m happy about.  I think every obsessive rule abider like me really wants to be a bad boy who tears the tags off mattresses, eats grapes in…

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