KnippKnopp is Five!

On January 30, 2010 I wrote this: “KnippKnopp is going to become my Weight Watchers for writing, my Gold’s Gym for building up the creative muscle.  Idealistic?  Absolutely, but maybe, … Continue reading KnippKnopp is Five!

Favorite Horror Novels (non King edition)

I’m in a list-y sort of mood today.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite horror novels.  Since any list of mine would probably be dominated by that guy … Continue reading Favorite Horror Novels (non King edition)

KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya

Dennis Tafoya is one of the good ones.  Possessing an “I’m just this guy” appeal that belies a ridiculous amount of talent, Dennis writes crime fiction with a gripping, poetic … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya

KnippKnopp interviews…D.L. Wilson

D.L. Wilson is one cool cat. Everything about him radiates cool, from his jet-setting former career, to his mellow demeanor, to that feeling you get every time you speak to … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews…D.L. Wilson

KnippKnopp interviews….Jenn Brozek

This is all Jenn Brozek’s fault.  This whole “become-a-writer-in-my-40s-extended-mid-life-crisis” thing can be laid directly at her feet, all because she was kind enough to talk to me about the joys … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Jenn Brozek