About Me

headshot with glassesJim Knipp is the author of over a dozen short stories and several novels, most of which are either mouldering away in a 30 year old trapper keeper or patrolling around the recesses of his brain.  He reached his forties and decided it was a good time for a mid-life crisis…Lucky for him, he’s too fat to get a 20 year old girlfriend and too broke to buy a Porsche, so instead he’s trying to chase purple emus and rekindle his dreams of becoming a published (and paid) author.  His short story “No Fun Joe” appeared in the anthology “Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.”  He’s currently working on a novel that at the current rate should be finished in 2040, but he hasn’t lost hope for new bursts of inspiration, unexpected lottery winnings, or maybe a rich uncle to appear and help speed up the process.  His stories almost always take a darker tangent, which is surprising to him because – Mondays and post-rejection days not withstanding – he’s usually a pretty damn cheerful guy.

Jim is a member of the South Jersey Writers’ group and a board member of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, where he serves as registrar and general tech support.  He occasionally guest blogs for the folks at Biff Bam Pop.  Because he’s so hip with this younger generation,  he occasionally Twits (Twats?  Tweets?) or has something only he finds incredibly witty on “The Facebook.”  

Jim lives in Southern New Jersey with a very patient wife, three awesome daughters and a granddaughter whom he intends on spoiling rotten every chance he gets.

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