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...dude, chill....

…dude, chill….

Can’t wait to find out what’s happening with Arya, Cersei, Sansa, Frankenmountain and of course, Mopey Bastard Jon Snow.  Check out my recap over with the good people at Biff Bam Pop!



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Five Horror Movie Classics…that I’ve never seen   3 comments

I had the good fortune of seeing Guillermo Del Toro’s excellent Crimson Peak last week.  It’s very good movie with some great chemistry between Loki, Alice, Jax,  and the grown-up Murph; stunning set design, and a taut plot that keeps you moving (if not guessing).  If I have one complaint, it was that the special effects team tried a little too hard on the ghosts.  They were creative and scary, but so stylistic I kind of wish they would have kept them off-screen and stuck to shadows and jump cuts.  Still, I think it has the potential to be considered a classic someday, something people still want to see 20 or 50 years later.  And I almost missed it, because today’s express-lane movie release schedule had it relegated to one screen a mere three weeks after it opened.

...dude, seriously...have you never heard of Netflix?

…dude, seriously…have you never heard of Netflix?

My ‘movies I’ll watch someday’ queue approached infinity a long time ago, so if I didn’t catch Crimson Peak in the theater, God knows when I would have finally watched it.  And that got me thinking of all the horror movie classics I’ve missed over the years.  You can commence mocking my horror creds after the break.

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It’s Alive!   Leave a comment

No not my blog, but the movie.  I talk about it over at Biff Bam Pop!


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KnippKnopp’s Favorite Vacation Horror Movies   Leave a comment

It’s vacation time!  Time for me to put work worries behind, for lazy days staring at the surf, and for daydreaming about the day I can actually own one of these beautiful, overpriced monstrosities that sit upon the glorified sandbars just off the Jersey Coast.

...something like this would do...

…something like this would do…

It also has me thinking about all the wonderful horror movies that use vacation time as a backdrop or a plot element. I thought I’d share some of my favorites, after the break. (Warning, spoilers ahead!)

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That Awkward Conversation Thousands of Men are Having Right Now   Leave a comment

Hi, honey, why are you on my computer….Is that the Ashley Madison info dump you’re paging through?  C’mon, you really don’t think I… oh look…what a surprise.  There’s my name right there on the screen…

..with five stars next to it...I wonder what that means....

…with five stars next to it…what could that possibly mean?


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Favorite Horror Novels (non King edition)   Leave a comment

I’m in a list-y sort of mood today.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite horror novels.  Since any list of mine would probably be dominated by that guy from Maine, I left him out.

...this guy...

…sorry big guy…

Check out my list after the break!

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My Life as a Chaos God   2 comments

I am a god.

...why you blasphemous little...

…why you blasphemous little…


Wait, come back. I’m not saying I’m THE God….only a god…the kind with the little ‘g’, and I’m not even a whole god…just part of one.  I’ll explain right after the break.

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