What Else is Going On?

So….interesting story, I’m not exactly ignoring you.  It’s just that I have all these excuses, that I’ve already used here and here and here…so they don’t really bear repeating.  Let’s … Continue reading What Else is Going On?

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Stuff in 2015)

Television The Walking Dead resumes on February 8th and I’m hoping the series picks up after a muddled, confusing mid-season finale in which (spoilers ahead) Beth essentially commits suicide-by-cop, the … Continue reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Stuff in 2015)

Retreat Rewrites

I just spent the weekend in the woods with eight women on a writers retreat at the Weisel Youth Hostel in Nockamixon State Park.  And while that sounds like the start … Continue reading Retreat Rewrites

Just Catching Up….

Lot’s of things happening in KnippKnopp Land. First a shout out to friend of the show Marie Gilbert.  Our favorite Steampunk Granny has released her first novel:  Roof Oasis.  You … Continue reading Just Catching Up….