Just Catching Up….

Lot’s of things happening in KnippKnopp Land. First a shout out to friend of the show Marie Gilbert.  Our favorite Steampunk Granny has released her first novel:  Roof Oasis.  You … Continue reading Just Catching Up….

KnippKnopp Interviews…..Dennis Tafoya Part Deux!

My interview with crime novelist Dennis Tafoya ran over last week, so here’s the second part.  Enjoy! You’ve garnered some interest in Hollywood, what’s that experience been like? I have … Continue reading KnippKnopp Interviews…..Dennis Tafoya Part Deux!

KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya

Dennis Tafoya is one of the good ones.  Possessing an “I’m just this guy” appeal that belies a ridiculous amount of talent, Dennis writes crime fiction with a gripping, poetic … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya