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KnippKnopp Interviews…..Dennis Tafoya Part Deux!

My interview with crime novelist Dennis Tafoya ran over last week, so here’s the second part.  Enjoy! You’ve garnered some interest in Hollywood, what’s that experience been like? I have … Continue reading KnippKnopp Interviews…..Dennis Tafoya Part Deux!

KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya

Dennis Tafoya is one of the good ones.  Possessing an “I’m just this guy” appeal that belies a ridiculous amount of talent, Dennis writes crime fiction with a gripping, poetic … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya

KnippKnopp interviews…D.L. Wilson

D.L. Wilson is one cool cat. Everything about him radiates cool, from his jet-setting former career, to his mellow demeanor, to that feeling you get every time you speak to … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews…D.L. Wilson

KnippKnopp Interviews…Kim Richards Gilchrist of Damnation Books

One of the most exciting things about being a writer today is the number of venues available for getting your work published.  There’s the traditional big press, those international publishing … Continue reading KnippKnopp Interviews…Kim Richards Gilchrist of Damnation Books

KnippKnopp Interviews….Gregory Frost

Gregory Frost is sharp. Everything about him – from his insightful and knowledgeable workshops, to his wry sense of humor, to his taut and tension filled writing style – exudes … Continue reading KnippKnopp Interviews….Gregory Frost

KnippKnopp interviews …Catherine Stine

Catherine Stine is the crossover queen.  Already established in the Middle Grade and Young Adult markets with works ranging from American Girl’s Innerstar University “make your own ending” stories to … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews …Catherine Stine

KnippKnopp interviews….Jon McGoran

Jon McGoran is one cool dude.  A member of the Philadelphia Liars’ Club, I had heard about him from other South Jersey Writers’ Group members long before I finally met … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Jon McGoran

KnippKnopp interviews….Plexus Publishing

Easily, one of the greatest joys of being on the board of the Philadelphia Writers Conference is that I get to meet all sorts of cool and interesting people. One … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Plexus Publishing

KnippKnopp interviews….Jenn Brozek

This is all Jenn Brozek’s fault.  This whole “become-a-writer-in-my-40s-extended-mid-life-crisis” thing can be laid directly at her feet, all because she was kind enough to talk to me about the joys … Continue reading KnippKnopp interviews….Jenn Brozek