Something Else Happened At the Push to Publish Conference Last Week…

As I mentioned, I ran into The Grandmothers, Eileen Scolnic and Joyce Eisenberg, who are also working with the good folks at Quirk Books, and they let me know that this happened….

…yeah, that’s my name up there…


Looks like we have a release date and everything!  “Stuff Every Grandfather Should Know” from Quirk Books will be available starting February 12, 2019.  You can even pre-order it from Quirk and their other retailers.  Be sure to beat the holiday rush, and order two, they’re small!

It’s been kind of a surreal journey, and four months after finishing, I’m still a little numb.  It somehow doesn’t seem real.  I never imagined I’d write a non-fiction book, and definitely not one that required me to give advice! But I’ve said before, sometimes the universe has better ideas for you, and when editor, YA author, and the all-around cool and froody Blair Thornburgh – who met me through my work on the 2018 conference – came calling and asked if I’d like to write a book about being a grandfather, it took approximately .0045 seconds for me to say “Hells ya!”

So I’m now officially a published author (or I guess I will be in February).  And I have the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and this blog to thank for it (Blair came across one of the posts I wrote about Lily).  And now that it’s out there, I promise not to inundate your in-bin and Facebook feeds with promotional material (at least not more than ten or twelve times per day).

That’s one big item off the bucket list…I wonder what’s next?



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