KnippKnopp interviews….Dennis Tafoya

In honor of the upcoming (and much anticipated) release of Poor Boys Game, here’s Dennis Tafoya’s interview!


Dennis Tafoya is one of the good ones.  Possessing an “I’m just this guy” appeal that belies a ridiculous amount of talent, Dennis writes crime fiction with a gripping, poetic voice that’s very difficult to put down and is solely responsible for several missed stops on my morning commute.

…unfortunately I wasn't driving a bus! …and I wasn’t riding a bus!

Dennis has written several, critically acclaimed novels including “The Dope Thief” and the “Wolves of Fairmount Park.”  His newest, “The Poor Boys Game” will be released in April 2014.  I asked Dennis to share his thoughts on the writing world, here’s what he had to say!

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