Newtown, CT

Impossible to find anything funny to write this weekend.  Simply broken-hearted about the children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary.  This is every parents worse nightmare and I’ve spent the past three days dwelling on the horror they have felt and wishing there was something, anything that could have been done.  I’m not much of a poet, but this is what spoke to me:

They lie in silence, in
Closets and cabinets
Some wrapped and beribboned
Others not yet adorned
With festive skin, waiting,
Waiting unclaimed, waiting
Forever ungiven.

They lie in silence, in
Darkness.  Watching, waiting
Wanting slipper’s patter,
Forever stilled. Waiting
Wanting dawn’s joyous cries:
“He came! Santa was here!”
Voices forever mute.

They lie in silence, with
Twenty photos frozen
Eternal, with freckles
And gapped- toothed grins.  Waiting
Waiting, to grow, to learn
Waiting to discover
Lessons forever lost.

We lie in silence, stunned
By madman’s deeds, armed by
Inattention, fueled by
Hate, by unfettered rage.
We sit waiting, waiting
For answers, for reason
And find none.  And find none.

4 Replies to “Newtown, CT”

  1. I had to rush over some parts, because it’s just too sad for me. 😦 But it’s a very good poem.


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